Infill Edmonton

I love the city of Edmonton, Alberta. And I’m perplexed by it. It’s this sprawling, squat homunculus of a city, full of one-story block-buildings and Soviet-era bunkers. I’m told Edmonton experienced its major construction boom in the ’70s, during the height of the Cold War; I can’t help but feel the majority of the structures […]

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The Post-Irony Manifesto

Today I re-read one of my favourite essays: David Foster Wallace’s “E Unibus Pluram: Television And U.S. Fiction.” Aside from Wallace’s always-delightful blending of the hyperintellectual and the hypercolloquial, what I really enjoy about the paper is Wallace’s exploration of the usage of irony in fiction writing, and to what degree irony is still useful. […]

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As Autumn Moves In

Autumn is an incredible season. There’s nothing I can say about it that people far more talented than me haven’t already said better, but the power of the change implicit in Fall’s leaves and cold winds demands some comment. This autumn I have the distinct pleasure of helping a good friend make a film that takes […]

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T-Minus One Week

One year ago, Trina, Aerlan, and I were running all over Edmonton shooting Cities And Plains. We had no money and no permission to shoot anywhere, so we just went wherever we wanted, using wireless mics to conceal the fact that we were even making a movie. Aerlan constructed a make-shift shoulder mount out of an old tripod. We almost […]

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