The Dead

Jim Cuming has introduced me to almost everyone I know and love. He is one of my absolute favourite musicians in the whole world, and one of my best friends. I love everything he has ever put out unconditionally, but his new record puts the rest of his catalogue to shame. It’s a tremendous achievement, […]

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On Cassavetes

Before my friend and now frequent collaborator Aerlan Barrett waxed poetic to me about the merits of John Cassavetes one day in the murky, wonderful equipment room at the Film And Video Arts Society – Alberta, I’d only seen two Cassavetes films. I’d seen Shadows in an experimental film class at university and sort of dug […]

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Return To Paradise

The people who built Vancouver, when confronted with the shimmering Pacific Ocean to the west, a beautiful mountain range to the north, and a dark and luscious forest in between, seem to have asked themselves a series of wonderfully thought-out questions in response. Questions like: what if we don’t cut down all the trees? And […]

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A Conversation I May Or May Not Have Had With A Complete Stranger In Blue River

“Howdy!” “Howdy.” “…” “You making good time? I don’t think I’ve ever made it through the mountains this smoothly.” “Yeah, we’re doing well! Not so many people today.” “Where you headed?” “Prince George. You?” “Vancouver.” “Where you coming from?” “Edmonton.” “Long day.” “Yep.” “What’re doing in Vancouver?” “Little business, little pleasure.” “What’s business?” “I’m an […]

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