T-Minus One Week

One year ago, Trina, Aerlan, and I were running all over Edmonton shooting Cities And Plains. We had no money and no permission to shoot anywhere, so we just went wherever we wanted, using wireless mics to conceal the fact that we were even making a movie. Aerlan constructed a make-shift shoulder mount out of an old tripod. We almost […]

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Layne L’Heureux – “Funeral Of A Former Self” Premieres on The Low Level Hum

It’s sometime in April, 2013. The Elevation Room, an all-ages venue in downtown Edmonton, is closing. I’m there because Tyler Butler is playing as part of a farewell show to the venue and I play and sing in Tyler’s band. I’m in search of another beer when I see the enigmatic Layne L’Heureux over by the entrance. […]

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Truthful Goings-On

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. My intention has been and will continue to be to post (at least) weekly, and I will continue to endeavour to do exactly that. Let’s call these few silent weeks the exception and not the rule. The lack of posts in the last few weeks is […]

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Prairie Boys

Today my friend Hans Olson and I drove out to his parents’ property near Armena, Alberta – about 15 minutes outside of Camrose. It’s called “Pretty Hill.” I was scouting the plot as a possible location for This Wind, and Hans was generously showing me the area around where he grew up while also hitching a […]

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