Had a really great time putting this together over a couple days with some funny people. I was also a little stressed though, because if you shoot for “cheesy/bad = good” and miss you get “cheesy/bad = is just bad” and that’s the worst. But hell, make it square and standard def and get […]

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  Crazy to think that it was over a year ago that we filmed this video. It was probably the most challenging shoot I’ve put together so far. Local film technology wizard Larry Kelly put together a custom-built sled that the DP/camera operator Christina could sit on while we followed Jesse on the ice. We’d […]

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Read something  Baudelaire wrote recently. It was about people loving the ocean because it represents vastness and perpetual motion. I’ve never really liked looking at the ocean. When I lived in Vancouver, I never even went to the beach. What I loved about the coast were the machines. There’s something romantic about the industry that surrounds […]

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