The hoarfrost was perched beautifully on the trees the other day as Tom and I drove to Red Deer. Everything was crystalline and precious in the delicate cold of the encroaching winter. We were sent to film a construction site. As usual, we set about finding the beauty in its quotidian brutality. This is not […]

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“‘It wasn’t Indians that were important, nor adventures, nor even getting out here. It was a whole bunch of people made into one big crawling beast. And I was the head. It was westering and westering. Every man wanted something for himself, but the big beast that was of them wanted only westering. I was […]

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It is the night of November 8th, 2016 and Tom and I are driving to Calgary for work. When we leave Edmonton the world is one way, and by the time we get to Calgary it is another. We wonder if we have taken a wrong turn somewhere and mistakenly travelled back in time. We […]

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I’ve gotten a chance to direct a few local music videos through my friend Blake’s company: Back Road Productions. That’s how this one came to me. I met with the guys from Norell at Empress, sweaty after a basketball game. They told me their idea. I liked the idea of pairing the energy of the […]

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